Trigger Point Injections FAQs

It is always good to be fully informed whenever you are considering a medical procedure. Here are some important information you should know if you are thinking about having a trigger point injection. Click here to read more »

Understanding Pelvic Pain Symptoms

Pelvic pain can result from a number of conditions that can be either gynecological or non-gynecological in nature, and that range widely in severity.

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What Is Spinal Stenosis?

The human spine provides structural support for the body, typically propping up about 50 percent of one’s body weight. It also serves to protect the spinal cord and nerves where millions of motor, sensory and autonomic signals pass through every single day. It is an amazing and complex anatomic structure that allows us to accomplish simple, everyday tasks such as bending forward to pick up a child, as well as fantastic feats such as leaning into the wind at 80 miles an hour during a downhill skiing competition.

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Back Pain Injections

Here at ASAP, we believe in managing pain holistically, meaning we treat not only the symptoms, but the very root cause of your pain. We are a leading Atlanta pain center intent on aggressively diagnosing and treating painful medical conditions as well as promoting a healthy and active lifestyle for all our patients.

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Pelvic Pain Symptoms

Ignoring aches and pains does not make them go away and pelvic pain in particular should never be ignored. As with any other pain in the body, it can be indicative of a serious problem.

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Types of Neck Pain

Neck pain happens frequently, especially as we age. Our Atlanta pain clinic specialists wish to discuss the types of neck pain you may experience and explain some of your treatment options. If you are experiencing any of these types of neck pain, we encourage you to schedule an appointment today.

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Five Types of Headaches

If your head is hurting, our Atlanta pain management specialists here at ASAP know that there are five different kinds of headaches from which you could be suffering. We also know that you need to be able to properly identify your type of headache in order to effectively treat it.

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What Causes Pinched Nerves?

When surrounding tissues exert too much pressure on a nerve, it pinches the nerve and disrupts its function. In a herniated spinal disk for example, it might be a bone or cartilage that compresses the nerve root.

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